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We also recommend hacking Facebook.

Facebook is the most widely used social network in the world because millions of people want to know what their friends, partners and family share, this drives them to feel the need to spy their Facebook. Let's be honest, you too have at some point had the curiosity and desire to see the chats of your best friend, a family member or your partner.

spy facebook

Now Facebook spying is easy and and anyone can do it. So yes, now you can fulfill that desire to see who your partner was talking to and find out if he wasn't totally honest with you. With the tools we will present to you, anyone can get it very easily. Do you want to learn how to spy on Facebook? Then, you should read until the end and you will end up seeing those accounts you always wanted to observe.

How to spy on Facebook step by step?

Don't get complicated with annoying and awkward procedures, downloads of strange programs that may affect your computer or anything like that. Just follow the steps below and sooner rather than later you will be spying on the Facebook of the person you want to keep an eye on.

  • First you must locate the account of the person you want to spy. Once you have a copy of its URL, it will look something like this:
  • Copy the link, then go to where it asks for the link. paste the link on the page of, where it says, "Enter the URL of the Facebook profile."
  • The next step you have to do is to click the button that says “spy”. Wait a few seconds and if you did everything correctly you should see the person's name and profile picture.
  • Once the spying process is over, you will have several options so that you can choose the one suits you best to download the data and spy on the account.
  • When you have successfully downloaded the password and email of the person you want to spy, you must log into the page so Facebook does not detect suspicious activity and requires an account check through mail, to determine that is the correct person and not another.

How do you easily spy on Facebook from the page?

There are many methods to be able to spy on a Facebook account; however, most of them are cumbersome and require many previous steps and these may not even work as you expected. We think of you and save you from having to download complicated software to accomplish this task.

If you don't have a lot of free time or you are simply looking for simple and effective methods, we bring you the solution:

  • Insert your victim's URL in our page.
  • Wait for the process to finish.
  • Share your referral link or survey with 5 friends.
  • That's it all! You hacked the Facebook account and you can spy on Facebook and Messenger.

Easy, isn't it? You'll get a lot of things like seeing the conversations of your closest friends, finding out who your girlfriend or boyfriend is talking to or reading the chats of that person you like so you know what they like to do. Do you think it's great? Well, that's not all because you can get all this for free.

Spy on Facebook with the referral method

Once you've done the whole procedure to spy on Facebook, you'll need to select the referral method. In this method you will have to share the link the page will give you with your Facebook friends. By doing this you will make the system understand that you are not a software or a bot and you will be able to continue with the next step.

Similarly, this tool is very useful, if you ask your friends for help you can get referrals more easily, if you do not know how to do it, just follow the steps below:

  • We select the option to spy with referrals and once we do, we will deploy 2 links, which we must share with 5 of our friends.
  • Now we only have to wait for them to click on the link you shared with them. Once they enter will add a referral and you can see the data when you complete 5 referrals.

It is important to note that referrals will only add if they click from different IP addresses, which means they must be on different cell phones or computers. So, if you send it to your uncle and your two cousins and they share the same PC, it will only add one of the three as referred.

Spying on Facebook with the survey method

This procedure consists of a small survey with some personal data; depending on the survey, you will have to enter your cell phone number or a card number. This method is also completely free. This alternative complements the traditional method of referrals and allows servers not to collapse, thus allowing the page to be always operational and all users can spy Facebook without problem.

You will have to do the typical previous procedure (Copy and paste the link in the white box and hack). Later you will get 4 possible servers, it will contain short surveys, select any. It may ask you for a credit or debit card number or your cell phone number, depending on the server you use.

In this way the page ensures you are not a bot or a program dedicated to hacking accounts. Remember that it is a free system and with personal data is the only way not to create false profiles to spy indiscriminately accounts.

Spy on Facebook without surveys

There are other methods of spying on a Facebook account without the need to complete the surveys mentioned above. Some of the best-known methods are through browsers, with keyloggers or Xploits.

Spy Facebook through the browser

It's an excellent tool. You can get the most out of your browser by consulting cookies, cache, and more. By using the history and consulting the above, you will be able to see the passwords that the person has entered on that pc.

It's quite easy, you don't have to download anything and anyone can do it because you don't have to be an expert in the field, so anyone can get it.

However, it has a small disadvantage, you can only spy Facebook accounts of those people who have entered from your computer. All you have to do is invent some idea so that the person you want to spy feels comfortable on your computer to check their Facebook.

All browsers have settings, in them are stored the records of the web pages visited, and among them, the passwords we enter in the computer.

What you need to do to be able to access your victim's Facebook account through the browser is as follows:

If your default browser is Firefox you must access security. Click on "saved credentials", all passwords and emails that have been saved will be marked with an asterisk. Click "show password" on Facebook's home screen and you're already within your victim's social network.

f your default browser is Google Chrome you must go to Settings > Advanced settings > Passwords and forms > Manage passwords.

Spying on Facebook through keyloggers

This is a quite effective method, it does not require many technicalities either. Keyloggers are programs can record everything you type on the keyboard, making it one of the most feasible methods if you want to discover the password of someone in particular.

If you want to use keyloggers to spy on Facebook you must do the following:

  1. First of all, you will have to search the web a program that acts as Keylogger.
  2. When you find one you like, you must download it and then proceed to install it and run it.
  3. When you start the program, you should go to the list of options in the top right corner, click “start” and press the “Enter” key to start it.
  4. A tip we can give you to make sure the keylogger is running: open the notepad and write whatever you want, then go to the keylogger and if you see what you wrote in the notepad then it's working.
  5. In the program options you will find a file contains everything that has been written throughout the day, and from there you can extract the passwords you want. The program also identifies the page where the information is obtained.

How to avoid being spied on Facebook?

Keep in mind that Facebook is a widely used social network and this makes it the focus of attention of many people, so you must be very careful where you open your account. Avoid using a public computer to check your social networks, likewise make sure not to open links to strange messages or strangers, as it could contain a keylogger or similar program. And last but not least, try to change your passwords every 3 months to make it more complicated to access your account.

Remember to use this page wisely as it was created for charitable purposes. Spy on whoever you want but don't abuse the tools we provide.


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