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Surely at some point of your life you have wondered how to spy on a WhatsApp mobile phone number, and if you have been googling about it you have not found anything for sure. Well, now you have come to the right place, since here we are going to guide you and teach you on step-by-step process to spy on any WhatsApp profile or account, without the need of installing suspicious programs or any other sort of software on your mobile phone or PC.Have you been on a situation where you are arguing too often with your boyfriend or girlfriend? And then, after the discussion he or she starts to chat with someone else using the mobile phone? Or, are your children lying to you about their friends and their activities outside home? Have you received friend reports seeing your children on strange situations or with bad friends? Do you want to spy on some acquaintance? Do you wish to recover an old WhatsApp account? If you have answer positively to any of these questions you must keep reading because this will solving the problem.

Why to spy on a WhatsApp account?

To begin with, personal reasons on carrying out this process will vary from person to person, and without question every one of them will have that personal and unique touch, which is provided by every individual in question. In details, these necessities may go:

  • Keep an eye on your romantic partner: with no doubt, this is one of the main and most encountered reasons among the audience, being extremely disturbing for some people the simple fact of thinking about romantic partners are hiding something from them, either involving conversations with friends of the opposite sex or with lifelong friends, or also about event planning your boyfriend or girlfriend does not want you to know. If you consider that is important knowing things your partner may be hiding from you, you definitely have come to the right place and you are a step closer of being able to fulfill your dream, respecting getting to know until the last detail about your partner in relation to their social networks.
  • Control your children: whether your children are hard to control or not, we are always concern about their wellbeing, as much as emotional and physical. Well, it is here where it results of great importance for every good parent to know people around our children on real life. Besides, children will never tell you the truth referring these things and being better for you to discover by yourself.
  • Simply for spying: here is the funny part we all hide. You definitely do not know the sensation of greatness that can be experienced at the time of being able to access and read someone else´s conversations, along with photos and unlimited other personal things people have on their WhatsApp accounts.
  • You want to recover your lost account: if you lost your WhatsApp account for any reason and you have a lot of files saved on such profile, such as photos, documents, conversations and videos that are almost unrecoverable but have a high emotional value, this is the right place to recover your WhatsApp account again.

Spying on WhatsApp

What do we need to spy on a WhatsApp mobile number?

Continuing, from this web we offer you the option to spy on any WhatsApp number in a completely easy way, without any type of risks for the victim of hacking to know their account has been compromised. So, you will simply need to have at hand is the victim´s mobile phone number, the corresponding country associated to the telephone line and the WhatsApp account, as well as just the eagerness of wanting to experience the sensation of being able to access other person's account.

How to spy on a WhatsApp account?

First of all, in order to start the spying process successfully using our method on a WhatsApp account, it does not come to be necessary having physical access on the victim´s mobile phone, since it will be enough having their mobile phone number and follow the steps that are mentioned next:

  • On this very web page, right on the top you must introduce the victim´s mobile phone number associated to WhatsApp.
  • Then, we select the country (where the victim actually is) and we click on “Spy”
  • If everything is correct the platform should show the country and city where the person you are trying to spy is located.
  • To finish the spying process the platform will ask you to perform any of these two options:
    • Survey: we must complete a survey accessing to any of the servers available. Once the survey is completed a code access will be sent to you via email or SMS.
    • Referred: you must send your referred link to five people so you can access your victim´s WhatsApp that you are trying to spy on.

Other available methods to spy on WhatsApp

At present time there are countless methods to spy a WhatsApp account, being some a lot more powerful and efficient than other in direct comparison for sure, but having the issue of requiring for us to install some sort of software on the victim´s mobile phone, which obviously increases difficulty about carrying such spying process successfully. Of course, choosing a spying method is up to the person interested on performing the procedure, but they hardly get other better choice than the one recommended on this web page to carry out in a simply, fast and quick way the hacking process on any WhatsApp profile. Also, it has the added value of being undetectable for the simple fact that nothing is being installed on the victim's phone.

On another part, we also have the moral obligation to express the fact that WhatsApp tell its customers its service is extremely efficient and secure, encrypting the messages on a point-to-point method, even though with this online hacking system you will be able to spy on the conversations you need so bad.

Spying on WhatsApp from a PC

Now, here we have another valid option at the moment of trying to effectively spy a WhatsApp account; we are talking about an app called mSpy, which works perfectly fine from a PC, Android and also from iPhone, being worthy of pointing out that it is a very easy to use app that does not demand any type of technical or deep knowledge to be managed successfully. Apart from that, the app is offered on a free and paid version with more characteristics and options.

How to spy on WhatsApp using mSpy?
  • First of all, you must have physical access to the victim´s mobile phone that we want to spy on, downloading and installing mSpy on it at one point. In case of iPhones we can do it remotely as long as we count with the iCloud access credentials of the phone.
  • Once the apps is installed and running on the device it will become undetectable for the user of the device. Like this, it will be enough accessing the server online (being such server the phone data destination on daily basis) from any PC, tablet or any other smartphone.
Are there other options to spy on WhatsApp from PC?
  • Master Spy: Desktop application that works on tracking someone else's phone number, WhatsApp conversations and other social networks.
  • WhatsApp Spy: Desktop applications that works as tool for spying WhatsApp conversations, being the pioneer and currently being the most basic one.

Spying on WhatsApp from the mobile phone

What better way to accomplish spying on any WhatsApp account from the comfort of our own smart phone, without the need of using a PC. In relation, there are several options to carry out this specific purpose, let us see:

  • As we have told you mSpy also works to spy on someone else's WhatsApp.
  • We have at hand another valuable option like the case of Spy bubble, being a software that like in the previous program we have to install it on the victim´s smart phone, and automatically all WhatsApp actions will be sent and saved on an external server, which we will have access and be able to visualize all operations and movements, such as photos, conversations and multimedia files.
  • Installing a keylogger application like Hoverwatch for example, and this will registered evert word written on the keyboard, giving you the possibility to access not only WhatsApp, but practically anything the victim does with his or her smart phones.
  • Apart from the other previous options there are different possible tools to use and spy on WhatsApp, although these obviously can be a lot more complicated, such as the SIM cloning process option from the victim's smartphone, since WhatsApp works joined together with the phone number of our device. It is also possible to spy using a trojan program or any other malware on the victim's phone, and in this way conservation resend and other tasks can be forced to our cellphone.

Spying on WhatsApp through a survey

  • To be able to use this tool you simple have to follow the next steps:
  • Enter the victim's phone number.
  • Select the country where the victim is located.
  • Click on the button “Hack”.
  • Pick one of the available servers a take the survey.
  • The next step is to simply enjoy having the possibility to see the victim’s conversations.

Spying on WhatsApp with referred links

In order to use this option you just have to follow the next steps:

  • Enter the victim´s phone number.
  • Select the country where the victim is located.
  • Click on the “Hack” button.
  • Send the provided link by the page to five of your friends on Facebook.
  • The next step is to simply enjoy having the possibility to see the victim´s conversations.

How to know who your romantic partner chat with?

This is a quick way of being able to access the chat records, sent files, photos and everything that has been done on such account, we will explain you how to do it and pointing out that you need physical access to your romantic partner´s smart phone.

On iPhone

First, you just have to open WhatsApp and open Settings on the “Account” button. Once you are in there, just click on the option “Storage Use” and finally you will be able to see what sort of activities have been carried out, selecting the contact of your interest.

On Android

In this case, you just have to open WhatsApp on the device and go to “Settings” then to the “Data and Storage” section. Here you will be able to see two options: Data Use and Storage Use, just click on the first option and you will be able to see a history record of all the conversations the app has.

In both cases, the app will show you the amount of messages sent, along with images, videos, audible files and locations shared and exchanged. We must remember that if the victim delete conversations periodically, then it will be impossible for us to see them, since you just will be able to see the ones stored on the phone that have not been erased.

Warning about spying on WhatsApp accounts

We must clear out that all the tools and platforms addressed on this article are for special use and therefore we must use them at our own risk, since as creators we recommend to use them with beneficial purposes and in cases that are morally justified, such as when we feel distrust about other people, when some relative is missing, when we want to get back our account or when we want to spy on our children or partners.


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